Computerized Bone Densitometry

Bone Densitometry is an examination aimed at evaluating the severity of osteoporosis, that is the condition in which the skeleton is subject to bone mass loss and deterioration of bone microarchitecture and consequently, with increased fragility and risk of fractures .

Bone mass loss occurs due to various factors related to nutrition, metabolism, or some pathologies. The densitometer measures the bone mineral density in grams per cubic centimeter and is able to calculate the density of mineral salts present in bones, especially calcium. On these basis, it is possible to determine the severity of the disease and its appropriate therapy.


  • All women over the age of 65
  • All menopausal women under the age of 65 with risk factors for osteoporosis
  • All peri-menopausal women with clinical risk factors such as low body weight, previous fracture users of high-risk osteoporosis drugs
  • Males older than 70 years of age
  • Males under 70 years with risk factors for osteoporosis
  • All adults with previous fractures

The exam is not painful and is absolutely well tolerated. The patient is drifted onto the integrated bed in the Hologic densitometry system, one of the most advanced available. The instrumentation also allows to perform a total body densitometry, refers to the whole body.

No preparation is required. Remember to bring with you the already existing clinical-diagnostic documentation and MOC examinations previously carried out, for comparison.

The Hospital chose to develop images exclusively in digital format, delivering them on CD Roms to patients, to have a lesser environmental impact, to provide a more healthy workplace for operators, and to reduce the clutter of information. The report is delivered to the patient on CD ROM shortly after the procedure.

 The Private Hospital Gruppioni has a MOC DEXA (Dual Energy Xray Absorptiometry) equipment from Hologic (Discovery QDR). The instrumentation adopted is among the most technologically advanced currently available and ensures precision and accuracy to ensure high resolution image results and processing speed.

  • Femoral
  • Rachide Lumbar
  • Lumbar A / P Column
  • Lumbar Lateral Column
  • Female Dx / Sx + HSA (Femoral Structure Analysis)
  • Dual Femor
  • Forearm Dx / Sx
  • Femoral prosthesis
  • Total Body (densitometric values ​​and body composition values)
  • FRAX (10-year fracture risk assessment)