It is aimed at all women over 14 years of age for the treatment and prevention of genital spinal diseases. Particular attention is paid to genital tract diseases (sexually transmitted diseases) and to the abdominal-pelvic pathology.


It follows the pregnant woman in her becoming a mother. Evaluation of the clinical condition in pregnancy occurs with the support of the ultrasound examination proposed during the visit itself. Attention is paid to the diagnosis of fetal malformative conditions and to placental uterine pathology, due to the restriction of fetal growth with associated maternal disease.

It is possible to carry out tests to determine the risk of aneuploidy (fetal DNA on maternal blood; Bitest), which can be followed by invasive prenatal diagnostics (villocentesis, amniocentesis).

Visits are programmed every 30 to 60 minutes and are carried out in a single environment equipped with the tools needed to meet all the diagnostic clinical needs required during the visit.
No preparation for this exam is required.
The report of the visit is sent to the Patient’s home after completing the cytological and microbiological surveys with the related therapies attached.

Visit Gynecological

  • Colposcopy
  • Colposcytology (pap test hpv test)
  • Vaginal bacteriology (microplasma chlamydia mycobacterial bacteria)
  • Uterine cervical biopsy
  • Vulval biopsy Interventions of the genital microsurgery (diathermic tract)
  • Transaddominal endovaginal pelvic ultrasound
  • Insert IUD
  • Mammary ultrasound

Visit Obstetrician

  • Midwifery Ultrasound I II III quarter
  • Morphological fetal ultrasound with maternal fetal flow meters



SIEMENS ACUSON S 2000 : Ultimate Digital Ecograph with ecocolordoppler module with multifrequency probes. It has a comprehensive clinical utility program, ensuring superb image quality in a wide range of exams.